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Public Artwork

Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park

Inspired by the work of artist Joseph Beuys, the park is a living sculpture consisting of 30 trees and granite stones located on the south side of campus.

Forum by Thomas Sayre

One of the most exciting aspects of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building actually stands just outside the building’s entrance: a significant new work of public art, Forum, by Thomas Sayre. The Maryland Public Art Initiative funded the design and construction of the artwork through the Maryland Commission on Public Art and the Maryland State Arts Council. As required in legislation passed in 2013, the Maryland Public Art Initiative integrates public art enhancements into all state-funded construction and renovation projects.

Sayre’s work was selected following a national call for entries. “After much reflection and discussion,” said Timothy Nohe, director of the Center for Innovation, Research, and Creativity in the Arts and member of the selection panel, “the committee voted Sayre’s concept as the most reflective of UMBC’s vision of a public art installation that invites community engagement, reflects the passage of time, and embraces the values and culture of UMBC.”

Thomas Sayre has designed and built public art projects throughout the world and has participated in design teams for civic, educational, and museum buildings. “Forum was designed as a stand-alone art experience viewed as a sculpture,” he explained, “but it is also to be experienced as a place. The space created by the sculpture can be entered, can be occupied, and can be used. The composition is designed to create a place for conversation, for the meeting of small classes, a place where spontaneous and planned performances are encouraged.”

Already, the sculpture site has become a point of convergence for the campus community — students, faculty, and staff gather under its arches to read, converse and contemplate.